Hyundai Veloster Rear Tow Hook Kit by Move Over Motorsports

Move Over Motorsports has released their new line of Rear Tow Hook Kits for the Hyundai Veloster. These Rear Tow Hooks are designed specifically to fit the base model Veloster and the mighty VT (Veloster Turbo) attaching to the OE tow loop under the rear diffuser/bumper.

Veloster Turbo sideDSC01496

Made from 6061 T6 Aeronautics Grade plate Aluminum and utilzing stainless steel mounting hardware these hooks not only look nice but they are 100% functional and can help you out of a jam without losing your rear bumper. Install takes under 5 minutes and you can remove in a matter of seconds if you want to keep it stored in your trunk for a rainy day.

veloster silver side veloster silver side2

Check out more about these and other great racing products from Move Over Motorsports on their Facebook Page:

veloster hookDSC01455 DSC01443 Veloster Turbo side2veloster silver side1Veloster Turbo under